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2013 Prediction: Educational Games Trump the Gamification of Education


When it comes to learning, humans are fickle creatures: sometimes we love cramming our head full of knowledge, sometimes we hate it. Nobody understands this better than teachers, who work hard each day to motivate students. From experiential learning to peer review, from debates to role-playing, teachers employ countless strategies in their attempts to engage students.

If this year’s edtech blogs are to be believed, though, none of these strategies compare to “gamification.”

Gamification entails the incorporation of game design elements and mechanics into non-game objects and environments. These elements include badges, points, leaderboards, currency, narratives, and special challenges to name but a few. Taken as a whole, these elements typically link desired  actions to a motivational reward system. Read more

Learning Should Never Be A Chore


Whatever our reason for learning something new – we want to travel, switch careers, or simply read the menu at the local Chinese restaurant – we all face the same challenge: sticking with it.

Starting is easy. We buy a bunch of textbooks, find a tutor, maybe even sign up for a class. We eagerly start learning. But then life gets in the way. Over and over we’re left with the same question: how am I supposed to find time for this?

The answer is usually discipline, and lots of it — which is why, despite our initial enthusiasm, learning soon becomes a chore, something we force ourselves to do. Like cleaning the gutters. Or eating brussels sprouts.

But does it have to be like this? Read more

Welcome to the MindSnacks Digest!

Greetings! Hola! Willkommen! You’ve stumbled upon our new blog about edtech, games, and educational theory. We hope you’re hungry for knowledge, because we’re about to serve heaping dishes of it each week. Why are we doing this? Well, that’s simple: because MindSnacks believes learning should be delicious. When education excites us, we devour knowledge; but when it doesn’t, that information may as well be cafetaria food. It may be packed full of vitamins and minerals, but it’s gosh-darn hard to swallow.

We believe technology and game design have the potential to revitalize education. We pour a ton of thought, research, and cutting edge theory into the design and mechanics of our games because we want everyone, everywhere, to enjoy learning as much as we do. Learning should be something you want to do everyday, which is why we work hard to build games you’ll play over and over again.

And so far millions of you have done just that (high fives all around!). Some of you, though… some of you love not just the games, but also the ideas behind the games. Maybe you’re an edtech geek, or an educator, or perhaps someone who just loves learning for the sake of learning. Whoever you are, we’re writing this for you.

Welcome to our table.

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